Selected list of clients of our Principals at BBA and while in previous firms.



We are a highly creative and innovative design firm seeking solutions that are forward oriented while being grounded on proven and cost effective technologies.


We are a client centered organization and good listeners, taking pride on exceeding client expectations in each project phase.


We are organized in project teams providing experience and reliability with direct supervision from our principals and key personnel in each project phase.


We work closely with clients and consultants to achieve a balanced design. Our Principals have been key designers, executive architects and local partners in award-winning projects.


We achieve measurable results that are a good return on our client's design investments, bringing to the drawing boards many years of practical experience.

Environmental Stewardship

Buildings account for 72% of the energy consumed in the US, 13.6% of water consumption and 39% of carbon emissions. At BBA we understand that each one of us has a role to play in promoting and implementing a more sustainable environment.

We apply a scalable approach to Green that encompasses the application of strategies and solutions of varying complexities at each project phase. Passive solar and cooling design strategies as well as low-impact practices are explored during the planning and conceptual phases. These are supplemented in later phases with active design strategies to enhance building comfort and performance according to the pre-established goals.