How we work

BBA Design Method

“I want an architect that delivers the project I asked for rather than a generic solution.”

At BBA, we apply simple, direct and logical design strategies that strengthen the project, making it viable from a holistic sense and responding to client’s specific needs. We look at projects as part of a larger set of challenges involving culture, context, budget, ecology and use. We conduct research, engage clients at multiple levels and resolve complex challenges while balancing needs, sustainability, cost and building technology.  At the onset of each project our team establishes the project goals and vision, leading the design at each phase through a rigorous process that strengthens the architecture. We are fast, responsive and flexible with a dynamic, creative team of reliable and passionate professionals.

“For the Mana 5th Avenue building, we designed a multi-use, functional, mindful and contemporary environment with all the technological support that is needed today to enhance working, learning and retail activities. It is a showcase for a new urban development in Miami that sets the stage for where Wynwood wants to be in the future. Our intervention is very sensitive to the urban fabric, the neighborhood where the project is located as well as the goals established by the Client.

Gustavo Berenblum, Founding Principal