Safer Optimized Spaces. (S.O.S.)

We provide re-occupancy solutions by implementing Safer Optimized Spaces (S.O.S.)

Re-think, Re-design, Re-fit

The process starts with understanding the client needs and how operations are impacted by guidelines and regulations. We assess the existing and design for the new normal promoting social distance, hygiene and a safer use of space. Our team can also assist clients during the implementation phase.

Prepare a Risk Assessment Report

We help clients plan ahead as they get ready to re-open buildings and resume operations, evaluating existing conditions and quickly identifying challenges, while providing guidance for conformance to reduce exposure and mitigate risk.

Create a Safer User Culture

As we adapt spaces for the new normal, we take into account the brand and user cultures, designing solutions that inspire and feel natural, increasing acceptance and success. With the adoption of healthier and safer practices an even stronger user culture emerges.

Introduce Wellness and Health Integration

We evaluate building features and how they might be impacting the health and comfort of its occupants. Applying solutions that achieve a holistic result while enhancing resiliency and sustainability. This might include air quality optimization and providing improved comfort for the occupants.

Safer Optimized Spaces (S.O.S.)
Step by Step Approach



Evaluate existing conditions to resume operations

1. Adherence to Regulations
2. Identify Challenges
3. Graphic Guideline (Toolkit)
4. Assessment Report



Adapt spaces to resume operations

1. Space planning
2. Flow diagrams
3. Alignment with Brand
4. Building systems upgrades
5. Product/finishes selection



Develop plans and specifications for successful adaptations

1. Fit-out documentation
2. Signage plans
3. Product specification
4. Assist with permits



Provide implementation phase services

1. Project procurements
2. Implementation support
3. Purchasing and installation
4. Post-occupancy review

Our team provides architecture and engineering expertise, including:

Risk Assessment,
Feasibility Study

Flow and Operations Analysis,
Workspace Strategy,
LEED and Wellness Certifications

3D Space Visualizations

Interior Design,
Construction Administration

Plumbing Engineering,
Cost Estimates

Engineering Air-Conditioning,
Kitchen Consulting

Lighting Consulting,
Structural Engineering

Technology and Specialty Consulting,
Lanscape Architecture

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