What we do

Making Human Spaces

We design with people in mind, understanding how humans experience, enjoy and use space. Exploring an architecture that stimulates the senses and is responsive to the human and built environment.

“In Meridian House, we designed the entire residence on the second floor with very few elements touching the ground. The house appears to be suspended in mid air with the garden and adjacent golf course flowing uninterruptedly below, creating a serene, tropical and lush environment where to relax or entertain.

The use of wood, concrete, glass and tropical vegetation reinforce the natural qualities of the environment. A layered system of exterior movable wood louvers and sliding glass panels allow the inside and outside to blend even further while screening views and the harsh climate when necessary”

Claudia Busch, Founding Principal

Designing with Performance in mind

As architects, planners and interior designers we have a key role to play in the betterment of the built environment. Our contribution is project based, adding value to cities, users and clients alike.

We balance aesthetics with functionality, building technology, sustainability, scheduling and cost parameters, while managing projects with a sophisticated understanding of the building industry in order to achieve better performing projects.

“The award winning Cruise Terminal in Tenerife, Spain; achieved the highest European Energy Efficiency Rating with a calculated annual energy consumption savings of 60% over traditional buildings and a reduction of CO2 of 560 annual tons.

The adaptive reuse of existing steel buildings coupled with new structures built in cross laminated timber (PEFC Certified) achieves a state-of-the-art building capable of processing thousands of passengers per day, in a context sensitive design that becomes a gateway for new visitors to Santa Cruz de Tenerife.”

Gustavo Berenblum, Founding Principal

Creativity and Innovation

We like to think “out of the box”, unconventionally, bringing fresh ideas to the drawing boards, solving problems in clever ways. And we back it up with an implementation method that is systematic, rigorous and based on our extensive collective design experience.

“Creativity in architecture comes from addressing problems while remaining open to fresh ideas and influences. We are always asking questions, probing and exploring new methods in our work and are lucky enough to have the perfect clients and partners that allow us to imagine and produce a truly unique structure that tests the limits of technology and design.”

Claudia Busch, Founding Principal on the design of Cucuyo, a 3D printed outdoor café/bar located at PAMM made with over 1.5 miles of robotically welded stainless steel.