Busch Advisory

Busch Advisory: Navigating Towards Success & Growth

Busch Advisory: Navigating Towards Success & Growth

Busch Advisory, a newly established division by BBA, is dedicated to assisting destinations and ports in achieving their operational, guest experience, and financial objectives.

Our core mission is to elevate your destination or port through tailored services such as trend analysis, feasibility studies, and cutting-edge vision planning. From gaining insights into the cruise industry within your region to offering innovative strategic planning studies, we provide a comprehensive range of services to boost your success in the cruise business.

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Feasibility Study

We support you in navigating the post-COVID growth in the cruise industry by conducting feasibility studies, which offer insights into the potential opportunities and challenges of new cruise projects. Through SWOT analysis and technical assessments, we provide comprehensive evaluations for informed decision-making regarding investments, resources, and timelines for success in developing or enhancing cruise ports and destinations.

Cruise Itinerary Studies

We assist you in maximizing success and growth in your cruise operations by conducting comprehensive itinerary studies. These studies optimize passenger experience and operational efficiency by evaluating port attractiveness, balancing port visits with onboard activities, and considering logistical factors to create a cost-effective and satisfying itinerary.

Ground Transportation Area Planning and Traffic Studies

We assist in achieving seamless traffic flow and improving passenger experience by developing a cruise terminal ground transportation strategy. This involves analyzing traffic patterns, optimizing transportation areas, and conducting traffic studies to manage future volumes and enhance the passenger experience.

Market Appraisal

We facilitate strategic growth opportunities through market appraisals, which involve comprehensive marketing studies to project potential outcomes and develop partnerships with key stakeholders in the cruise industry. Leveraging successful examples globally, we provide tailored recommendations and marketing concepts to attract more cruise lines and enhance demand for cruising in the region.

Strategic Planning

We drive growth through strategic planning for destination and port developments, offering innovative, adaptable, and scalable design strategies. Our process includes architecture programming, cost analysis, and project scope definition to facilitate effective collaboration and develop practical solutions.

Trends Analysis

We help you improve your cruise operations by analyzing industry data, market trends, infrastructure developments, and regulations to provide valuable strategic planning and decision-making insights.

Cruise Terminal and Destination Planning and Development

We help you develop thriving, resilient, innovative destinations or port facilities through a proven planning process focusing on improved guest experience, optimized operations, and intelligent investment decisions.

Sustainable and Resilient Shoreside Study

We conduct comprehensive assessment studies to aid ports and destinations in incorporating sustainable and resilient practices. Our expertise helps mitigate risks and ensure a safer, more eco-friendly operational environment

Space Branding

We assist in creating immersive branded experiences in physical spaces, reflecting a brand's values and identity to connect with customers. This is particularly valuable in the cruise industry, where physical experiences strongly influence brand perception.

Destination and Port Projects

Learn more about BBA’s Busch Advisory program through our informative brochure. Learn about our innovative projects and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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