Our Experience results from a deep knowledge of architecture, design leadership, extensive practice, and a willingness to explore.

Cruise Terminal Architecture

We are world leaders in designing land-based facilities for the cruise industry. We are adept at implementing game-changing design strategies that set the stage for innovation. Projects that optimize operations create memorable passenger experiences and beautiful gateways for the cities and islands they serve. Our projects regularly win awards for best-in-class.

Cruise Destination and Private Island Planning

It starts with creating an unforgettable destination with memorable guest experiences. Our team of visionary architects, planners, and designers have the creativity, knowledge, and expertise to deliver state-of-the-art sophisticated destinations that provide great value propositions for our clients. Transformative projects that are highly sustainable and genuine and provide various activities for those who like to explore, discover, relax, do sports, be pampered, or chill.

Master Planning

We create sustainable and resilient waterfront places that are vibrant, memorable, adaptable and that enrich their communities. Each project is unique to its location and context, guided by a clear vision to shape, integrate and improve the public realm from the large scale to the detail. Places that enhance the quality of life, support the economy, and withstand the challenges of a changing climate.

Residential Architecture

At BBA, we focus on designing environments that harmoniously blend with nature, foster a sense of belonging, and contribute to residents' higher quality of life. We implement biophilic strategies to reinforce the connection between indoors and outdoors. We develop each residential project for the human experience paying attention to small details that enhance the sensory quality of the dwelling and that create a welcoming environment of comfort. Our projects include single and multi-family buildings: custom homes, multi-story apartment buildings, and workforce housing.

Adaptive Reuse Architecture

Adaptive reuse of existing and historical structures is a sustainable approach involving repurposing old or historic structures for new functions, preserving their architectural character while meeting contemporary needs. This approach not only honors the heritage of the building but also reduces environmental impact by repurposing existing resources. Adaptive reuse involves renovations or modifications to improve functionality, energy efficiency, and aesthetics, revitalizing outdated structures, breathing new life into them, and preserving their cultural significance.

Commercial and Mix-Use Architecture

We design offices, commercial spaces and mix-use buildings that activate the surrounding space, complement cityscapes, and provide a platform for companies to perform work. Office environments must adapt to rapidly changing conditions like work and space needs while providing all-day comfort for employees. We strive to create office and commercial buildings that their users enjoy and provide an enhanced, livable experience.

Education Architecture

We endeavor to create active learning environments that foster interaction. Learning today occurs inasmuch in formal as in informal settings. Classrooms, meeting rooms, lounge seating areas, courtyards, or dining halls are vehicles for exchanging knowledge and where learning occurs. We design educational buildings that convey innovation, are inviting to the community, and are an asset to the public realm.

Design Leadership

Our Founding Principals set a compelling design direction followed by the entire team on each project. A clear vision is fundamental to guide and inspire to achieve excellence. Our leadership is supported by a knowledgeable team of core architects and consultants, all experts in their fields skilled in design principles, building technologies, code requirements, and local practices. At BBA, we foster a collaborative work environment valuing diverse perspectives and inclusive contributions to strengthen and innovate projects. Collaboration and contributions are not limited to the core team as it is derived from many sources, including product manufacturers, artists, and contractors.

Intentional Design

We identify challenges and proactively seek solutions, finding innovative ways to overcome obstacles and deliver successful projects. This ensures that every aspect of a building or space is purposefully thought out and planned. It allows BBA to align the design with the intended goals, functionality, and desired user experience. The intentional design considers aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, cultural context, and the occupants' needs. It promotes efficient use of resources, enhances usability, and creates visually appealing and emotionally engaging spaces. By focusing on intentional design, we can create environments that positively impact people's lives, enhance well-being, and contribute to the overall quality of the built environment.

Client Focus

We prioritize understanding the needs and goals of our clients. We build strong relationships, actively listen to client feedback, and adapt design solutions to meet client expectations while balancing design excellence and project constraints. Effective and continuous communication with clients as the project progress ensures that crucial decisions are taken at the right time.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices

We prioritize ethical practices and sustainable design principles promoting environmentally responsible design solutions, considering energy efficiency, material selection, and the impact on the local community and environment.


Complements sustainability as built projects must be better prepared to handle stress and extreme exterior factors. BBA's expertise in resolving resiliency design challenges stems from our firm's location in Miami, one of the world's most vulnerable coastal cities. Many of our projects are located in South Florida and the Caribbean, providing key insights as to what design strategies, technologies, and building practices work under extreme environmental stress. Our projects adopt Biophilic design principles to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment, improve human comfort and create satisfying places.

Innovative and Digital Design Process

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to enhance the functionality, concept design, and construction phases. These processes involve utilizing advanced software to create accurate and detailed virtual representations of the project. Through digital design, we collaborate and coordinate better, enabling our team to explore complex geometries, perform simulations and analyses, optimize energy efficiency, and integrate sustainable design principles. These approaches enhance efficiency, reduce errors, streamline communication, and enable BBA to provide transformative and forward-thinking architectural solutions that are both conceptually strong and highly functional.

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