Barcelona Cruise Terminal

Barcelona Cruise TerminalSpain

The project involved renovating and expanding an old terminal housed inside a warehouse and converting it into a state-of-the-art facility. It was designed to accommodate RCCL’s Voyager class ships and smaller vessels from other cruise lines. Completed in 2005, Cruise Terminal B was instrumental in cementing Port of Barcelona’s leadership role in the Mediterranean regarding annual passenger volume. The planning considered working around existing conditions at the pier, maximizing construction during the low season while allowing operations to continue during the high season. The existing one-story building, a metal warehouse of approximately 20,000 sf., needed air conditioning and minimum support facilities to accommodate the modern requirements of vessels, operators, and passengers. The program for the new cruise terminal took into account berthing for one home-port vessel and one port-of-call vessel simultaneously in embark and debark modes. It also includes parking for taxis, buses, and employees, a small café, 40 moveable check-in stations, a large waiting area, and a new passenger bridge designed taking into account the high and low tides and positions of doors in the vessels anticipated to use the facility. In addition, the terminal included INS and Customs areas and crew members’ changing rooms.

*Gustavo Berenblum did the project as Principal of another firm.

Project Details
  • Year: 2005
  • Location: Spain
  • Status: Complete
  • Client: Creuers del Port de Barcelona
  • Team: Gustavo Berenblum
BBAMiami - Barcelona Cruise Terminal
BBAMiami - Barcelona Cruise Terminal