Workforce Housing

Workforce HousingMiami, USA

The Mia Workforce Housing is located in the Normandy Isle district in Miami Beach. It was approved by the Design Review Board in October 22 and when completed will include 60 studio apartments organized in 3 floors as well as retail and parking on the ground floor. There is a dire need of workforce housing in Miami-Dade County that the pandemic has exacerbate. Mia will be the first project of its kind targeting dwellers with an income between 60% and 140% of the area’s median income. The project is targeted to be LEED Gold Certified. In terms of design, the ground floor sets-back the retail liner from the street expanding the walkways to engage street life while hiding the car parking spaces behind. Ample bicycle parking further invites engagement, and the small-scale shop are geared towards fulfilling the neighborhood needs. The architectural aesthetic is industrial in nature recalling containerized structures, this is further emphasized using painted metal cladding. On the upper levels, the repetitive nature of the units is broken in the façade by staggering the exterior balconies. The industrial aesthetic is carried through but with a different wall finish. The roof has a terrace to be used by the dwellers. The vibrant color scheme of the catwalks and retail buildings adds a local flair to the architectural ensemble recalling Miami Beach residential buildings and motels of the 50’s.

Project Details
  • Year: 2023
  • Location: Miami, USA
  • Status: Complete
  • Client: LeaseFlorida
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