Sharp Residence

Sharp ResidenceCoconut Grove, Florida

Sharp residence is located in Coconut Grove. Known as an old neighborhood hugging the coast, it has a high concentration of underground sedimentary rocks, making it ideal for heavy vegetation growth that creates a unique leafy environment. The two-story residence is designed to provide privacy towards the street, with solid walls perforated by punched openings and a very transparent side towards the backyard, enhancing the connection to the landscape, pool deck, and leafy surroundings. The residence features four bedrooms, a two-car garage, an office space, large living areas, and a guest cabana. A metal canopy frames the entrance, with a large glass pivot door at the end that provides inviting garden views beyond. The interior finishes and color palette were carefully chosen to complement the natural setting and landscape with exotic woods, stone, and exposed concrete elements.

Project Details
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Coconut Grove, Florida
  • Status: Complete
  • Client: Mr. and Mrs. Sharp
  • Size: 4,500 SF
  • Team: Gustavo Berenblum, Claudia Busch, Renate Paris
  • Image Credits: Michael Stavaridis
BBAMiami - Sharp Residence A true indoor/outdoor experience achieved by integrating sliding glass walls
BBAMiami - Sharp Residence
BBAMiami - Sharp Residence
BBAMiami - Sharp Residence

A smartly designed residence that takes advantage of the leafy neighborhood to create an urban oasis.

BBAMiami - Sharp ResidenceGround Floor Plan