Two BBA projects short-listed for the International WAN Awards in Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) 2017 Sep

World Architecture News announced that two of the latest BBA projects have been shortlisted in its 2017 Awards. This is a significant accomplishment, as only six projects worldwide have been selected. The award ceremony event at the London Marriot Hotel will announce the winner in February.

Jury comments:

Tenerife Cruise Terminal:

“The Tenerife Cruise Terminal is a great example of achieving a great effect with an economical means. The repurposed building, coupled with minimal intervention and the use of wood and color to create a material juxtaposition, is a thoughtful approach for how typologies can be inherited and given new life.” Benedict Tranel

PAMM Cucuyo:

“PAMM Cucuyo is the only entry to have utilized 3D printing techniques to inform the design and industrial robotics to manufacture the double curvature grid shell components of the building. The resulting form and appearance is a unique and visually striking sculpture that functions successfully as a café pod. A great demonstration of design technology being used to inform and develop integrated 3D modeling, robotics, and manufacturing techniques.” Tim Partington

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