Bulthaup benefit! Design challenge for Common Threads Non-Profit Organization during Art Basel 2017 2017 Dec

BBA participated in the Bulthaup benefit! Design Challenge with the concept to create a tray that allows children to grow as they develop a knowledge and understanding of the five food groups and the technology that moves millennials forward. The tray was titled “Health and Knowledge”.

We carry health in the form of food for our well-being.

We carry thoughts, knowledge, culture, and communication as an iPad.

The mission of Common Threads is to educate low-income children on the importance of nutrition and physical well-being, empowering them to be agents for change for healthier families, schools, and communities. By providing children with a tool kit of knowledge and skills, Common Threads can help prevent childhood obesity and reverse the trend of generations of non-cookers, getting American kids cooking for life!

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