Meridian ResidenceMiami Beach, USA

The single-family residence is located in a quiet section of Meridian Avenue, directly across Miami Beach’s Golf Club. The ground floor is designed as a large garden, while the residential program is on the second floor. Elevating the house has several advantages: providing uninterrupted golf course views above the tree-tops, allowing for better cross ventilation as it takes advantage of the natural breezes at a higher elevation, and providing large terraces that serve as extensions of the rooms to entertain guests or relax. Florida’s mid-century modern architecture inspires the design with its generous overhangs and exterior window louvers to filter the direct sun, clean horizontal lines, and operable walls. Elevating the residence provided an opportunity to design a continuous garden experience at ground level, planned with lush vegetation, terraces, and water features that develop partly under cover. It is a residence designed to entertain and enjoy the unique setting in Miami Beach.

Project Details
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Miami Beach, USA
  • Status: Complete
  • Size: 9,300 SF
  • Team: Gustavo Berenblum, Claudia Busch, Carmen Rivero, Mauricio de Leon, Soufaine Benbrahim
  • Image Credits: BBAmiami
BBAMiami - Meridian Residence Indoor-outdoor living with direct views of the Golf Club
BBAMiami - Meridian Residence
BBAMiami - Meridian Residence
BBAMiami - Meridian Residence

A residence exploring the idea of living better and within the tree tops.

BBAMiami - Meridian Residence
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