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The project entails renovating the current property and transforming it into a contemporary luxury hotel. The hotel is located at the northern edge of the historical district, warranting a thoughtful design that will enhance the vibrant urban life of Miami Beach without calling attention to itself. To achieve this goal, we implemented several strategies, such as re-establishing the visual connection between the lobby, garden, and pool deck. Like the original plan, the public spaces are organized linearly, creating a procession of intermediate spaces between interior and exterior, between the lobby, terrace, garden, pool, boardwalk, and ultimately the beach. On the Ground Floor, the inside and lobby elements are carried out to the terrace, and landscaping is brought to the lobby, enhancing the visual and sensory connection between inside and outside. Providing an “oceanfront dining experience” enables a high-quality dining venue that mediates between beach and hotel. A second, more exclusive pool is located on top of the restaurant, re-establishing the rooftop sundeck of the original design. These strategies will create a Beach Hotel that engages the public in this crucial location.


Project Details
  • Year: 2012
  • Location: USA
  • Status: Complete
BBAMiami - Miami Beach Hotel
BBAMiami - Miami Beach Hotel
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