Neon FluxMiami, Florida

In Miami’s Magic City, Neon Flux transforms a warehouse into a vibrant hub blending work and exhibits. Integrating interactive tech with wellness, linear lights create versatile atmospheres day and night, aligning with wall volumes. Unique features include dreamy video art at the entrance, a DeLorean Time Machine, and a large NFT by Daniel Arsham. Inspired by “Back to the Future” and Neon Flux’s retro-futuristic branding, the design mixes retro-punk with modernity. Raw concrete and warm grays dominate, accented by white glass structures and walls transitioning from pink to purple.

Project Details
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Status: Ongoing
BBAMiami - Neon Flux
BBAMiami - Neon Flux
BBAMiami - Neon Flux
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