Tenerife Cruise TerminalSanta Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife Cruise Port is a cutting-edge single-berth terminal serving Mega-Ships as a homeport and port-of-call in the Canary Islands. This 85,000-sf award-winning architectural project elevates passenger experience with unmatched services previously unavailable in the region. The terminal’s innovative design features an elevated passenger bridge and flexible moveable gangways, seamlessly connecting travelers to vessels. Adjacent to the main building, an intermodal area accommodates tour buses, taxis, and private vehicles, allowing up to 26 buses to park simultaneously. The project thoughtfully incorporates the adaptive reuse of existing warehouses. It includes 50 check-in counters, efficient baggage lay-down facilities, state-of-the-art screening, and dedicated areas for provisioning and crew services on the pier side. The building is highly sustainable with the additions of lightweight CLT technology and achieving the highest European energy-saving ratings.

Project Details
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
  • Status: Complete
  • Client: Autoridad Portuaria de Tenerife
  • Team: Claudia Busch, Gustavo Berenblum, Renate Paris, Mario Menendez
  • Awards: AIA Miami Award of Excellence 2017, Finalist International WAN Awards 2017, Best New Terminal 2017 by Cruise Insights
  • Image Credits: BBAmiami
BBAMiami - Tenerife Cruise Terminal Welcoming interiors for a harmonious travel experience
BBAMiami - Tenerife Cruise Terminal
BBAMiami - Tenerife Cruise Terminal
BBAMiami - Tenerife Cruise Terminal

A project characterized by its intelligent adaptive reuse that elevates the passenger experience.

BBAMiami - Tenerife Cruise Terminal

Each singular building is cladded in iridescent metal panels, providing a gradual change of color. Inside, the CLT wood panels remain exposed, giving warmth and recalling the old-age wood shipbuilding technology.

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